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Thanks for listening to the Today I Am Sober podcast.

My name is Liz, and I'm an alcoholic. Now listening to this show doesn't mean you're an alcoholic too, and no-one knows you're listening to the show :-) Perhaps you're here because your sober curious, or you want to bring more joy into your recovery from alcoholism or another addiction. There's always room at the table, so come join me.

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Jan 17, 2020

Do you have a problem that you intuitively know needs fixing at an emotional level? Today’s guest Sally Garozzo believes that if you can feel it you can heal it.

Sally has led a really interesting life. The first half of Sally’s life was all about finding joy through singing and songwriting.

After her singing career Sally has been on a self-development journey and she's now a Rapid Transformational Therapist.  Listen in and discover what RTT is, how it can help you, whether it's for you or not, and what to expect.

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Instagram: @sallygarozzomindmentor

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